Stamina Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Review

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The rigors of everyday life can leave you feeling quite tired in every muscle and bone in your body but you can now practically unwind and relax thanks to the Stamina Gravity Inversion Therapy Table. This is the best therapy table for persons with chronic back pain due to the compression of the spine. It lets you elongate and relax the spinal column which results in total wellness and relaxation.

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Stamina Gravity Inversion Table Features

The safety features on this gravity inversion table are of the highest standard. Your feet are snugly tethered and in a way that does not hinder blood flow or hurt and bruise the ankles. The frame is made up of sturdy steel that ensures your safety and stability as you invert up to 180 degrees. The handle bars are foam padded for extra security too. Non-skid floor pads give you peace of mind as you invert which is very important. The footrests are also very stable and they can be easily adjusted to your height requirements for an easy inversion. They are strong enough to remain stable as you mount and dismount from the table.

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The height and weight recommendations for this table cover those of most people who might be in need of such an inversion table. The maximum weight for the Stamina Gravity Inversion Therapy Table is 250 pound while the height recommendation is persons between 4’10” and 6’6”. This is very thoughtful since then most people are eligible to use this inversion table without being in danger of hurting themselves or damaging the table. The benefits of this table are universal.

The Stamina inversion table is lightweight such that it is fairly easy to install and set up in your home. It also does not take up much space so it easily fits in a corner when in use and it also folds easily for storage when not in use. The design is also modern and sleek which means that it does not stick out as a sore thumb but rather blends in well with your choice décor in the home.

Stamina Gravity Inversion Table Review

With such impressive features, it is therefore no wonder that the Stamina Gravity Inversion Therapy Table has so many rave reviews on There are 96 customer reviews in total and 63 of these are the highest ranking of 5-star. This is quite impressive but to be expected considering the superior qualities this table has both in functionality and safety. One customer bought it on the advice of his chiropractor thinking it will just gather dust in his home. He is amazed at how the entire family treasure every time they spend on it, which is just a little over 3 minutes every day. Click here to read the rest of the review.

If you set up the Stamina Inversion Table correctly and mount on it in the proper manner, you will be comfortable and enjoy every minute of being on the table. The safety features on this table will ensure that you get the best out of it in a secure manner.

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