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It is a regular occurrence to find people complaining of back pains or generally complaining of having a long tiring days or even weeks. The inversion table is the solution to this back problem. The table is designed and manufactured so that when one lies on the table and inverts themselves, the gravity works alongside them. When you lie on the table and get inverted, the back goes towards where the gravitational pull and for this reason the spine is relieved of the pressure which it forever carries.

Besides getting the back straightened out, one also get better blood circulation and a relaxing mode that helps one clear the mind. One can go all the way to 180° to get the best results desired. The inversion therapy table also comes in adjustable heights, therefore for those people who are very tall or very short; the inversion table comfortably caters for your needs. It is also important to note that the material used to make the table surface though hard it is very comfortable on your back.

When inverted the gravity creates a traction on the spine which the forces the vertebrae that are stressed and unaligned to go back to the former original place that they should be. This means it is an effective option to chiropractic therapy. The good thing about the inversion table is that you get to do it all by yourself without any help. Many of the inversion tables can support even people with huge body frames and those who are weighty. They are made of very sturdy materials that guarantee that the weight will be handled comfortably by the table. Some tables come with a motorized massager and an LCD screen to select the intensity or the speed that you want to have while on the table. Some inversion therapy tables can also come with heated table surface for more comfort.

Some of the inversion tables from some manufacturers may look a bit too suave and smooth to a buyer but the bottom line is that all of them have been designed and manufactured bearing in mind that the person with the biggest of frames was the one going to use it. most of the tables will come with a stretch handles that help a person to have a greater grip when doing the inversion exercise and at the same time one can exert pressure on the back towards the direction of the gravity and thereby getting the desired results.

The benefits of using an inversion table at home is that you will be having it at your disposal and you can do the inversion exercise any time of day or night unlike in a therapist’s office where you only do it as a session. The chiropractic therapy which is supposed to be done continuously for some days is ultimately outdone by the inversion table since a single inversion can have very reliving and fruitful results. For the price that the table goes for it makes it worth every penny spent on it.

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